Welcome all who enter here, we're glad that you have come

Your presence fills our home with warmth, like early morning sun

For homes are simply waiting rooms, until a friend arrives

A friend we've learned to treasure, like the word itself implies

If your visit brings glad tidings, we'll break out some Pink Champagne

Any help we'll gladly give you, as we know you'd do the same

If troubles have beset you and you know not where to turn

Make our home your quiet harbor, for your woes are our concern

We welcome you in times of joy, we welcome you in sorrow

God says to help each other, don't defer it till tomorrow

So sit right down, kick off your shoes and make yourself at home

For you're the very reason that we've hung this little poem

Perhaps you are a stranger, that could make things better yet

For a stranger is a friend that we have simply not yet met

It matters not your race or creed or color of your skin

We won't question where you're going, or where you might have been

The only thing that matters is the time we share today

And the memories of friendship, as we send you on your way

We hope that you will take the time to see us now and then

And know our thoughts are with you . . . until we meet again

Dawn Stratton 1992 ©