My Sister

There's a place within my heart that I reserve for just a few

And a very special corner of that place is just for you.

Whenever I am lonely and have something I must share

I simply tell it to my heart and know that you are there.

For through the years I've gathered memories of days gone by

The days we laughed until we ached, and others when we cried.

I stored away the songs we love, the private family jokes

It's like making a deposit of the things we love the most.

For I'll always have them with me to withdraw at any time

Those special recollections that were mostly yours and mine.

I think of you so often, sometimes wishing you were nearer

And though I treasure friends, you see, no one could be dearer.

For you're more than just a sister, you're a confidant, a friend

You always have an ear to lend, when I need an ear to bend.

We often fought and argued, just like many siblings do

But laughter was the medicine that always pulled us through.

When one of us was hurting, I know the other ached inside

When one of us excelled in life, the other shared the pride

I don't recall the time or place when I first began to see

Just how very much I loved you, and how much you mean to me.

It isn't very often that I find the words to say

Except at night when shadows fall and I kneel down to pray

I ask the Lord to keep you safe, make your body well and strong

And bless that special corner in my heart where you belong.

If I could grant one single wish to those who may have missed her

I'd give to them what God gave me . . . a very precious sister.

By Dawn Stratton © 1992