If the book of life is ending, and you're near the final chapter
Rejoice that God has promised you new life in the Hereafter
Where the spirit of the beggar and the king walk side by side
And every man has been absolved of jealousy and pride
Where hatred is forgotten and forgiveness fills your heart
And every soul that enters knows His glory from the start
There are no earthly riches in God's Kingdom high above
Only treasured recollections of those that we have loved
Make peace with all who've wronged you, leave no cross for them to bear
For there are no sins in Heaven, you won't find them anywhere
If fear at times enfolds you, ask your Father for His hand
He'll scatter all your fearful thoughts like so much shifting sand
If in your heart you do believe, be strong and do not cry
For our Father up in Heaven tells us we will never die
We'll know a life so beautiful it's beyond all comprehension
And all because of Jesus and His selfless intervention
Remember God's sweet promise and your heart will feel no pain
Heaven's angels will watch o'er you, until we meet again.