A couple of older pictures I found
at home....
to the left, the family.  
Notice my mom's painting "The
Native" is behind us. I have no
idea when this was taken....but one
of my sibs will let me know....I
think I bought that dress at River
Forest, so maybe 1989-ish?
Spirit of Chicago Cruise, 1983? Mom,
Janet Hill, Suzanne, Me
and Darcy
Demetri, Karyn and Mom,
2001 bowling league
Brunswick in Woodridge
Mom was a very fine
bowler; she had a 187
average during her heyday
(the 60's) and bowled with
the women "greats" in the
area.  She told some wild
stories about bowling at the
notorious Blue Room...
Mom and Dad, aren't they handsome?
TJ's Restaurant (now Dimitri's),
American" Easter 1999. They came
in to see Danielle work -- on Sunday