The Original

Of all my parents children, I like me the very best

I have that special quality that's missing from the rest.

There's hardly anything in which I don't excel

I've tried my hand at everything, and do them all quite well.

Sometimes I sit for hours just looking in the mirror

I'd like to give myself a kiss, but I can't get any nearer!

I've had a hundred photo shots, yes all of them are me. . .

When time and funds permit it, I'll open my own gallery.

I've always had exquisite taste when it came to buying clothes

There was never any question about the garments I had chose.

My form and face are fabulous, almost beyond description

You couldn't look like me unless you had the same prescription.

I look at those around me, they're such a sorry lot.

I'm everything they'd like to be, and they are what I'm not!

They try so hard to be like me, it could almost make one cry. . .

When will they understand that there is only one of "I"

If I work too hard at any task that takes more than eight hours

I take a week off just to rest, and send myself some flowers.

And if by some strange miracle I push myself too hard,

I pat myself upon the back, and send myself a card.

By now you must be weary, tired of reading what I wrote

But I'd like to leave you with a thought that you might like to quote,

"Never try to be like me, your success rate would be minimal,

There may be copies of me all around, but I am the Original."

Dawn Stratton 1992 ©