Mother Nature has to have her fun, and now the joke's on me.

But what pleasure she derives from this is more than I can see.

She's decided that it's time to send me back from where I started.

The tricks that she has pulled on me have left me quite down hearted.

As a babe my teeth were out of sight, I showed a toothless grin.

The same is true of me today, 'til I put my dentures in!

Those baby teeth were treasured, mother saved them in the past.

My dentures COST a treasure and I save them in a glass.

I started life without much hair, my head was mostly fuzz.

And now there's very little there. . nothing like there used to was!

I was pink and plump and gaining, they weighed me every day

Now again I'm plump and gaining, so I threw the scale away!

As a very tiny baby I could hardly even see.

Today when I hold a pair of jacks, more than likely I'll see three!

Remember all the rolls of fat on the babies were adorable.

My rolls of fat are just like that, only mine are just plain horrible!

I used to crawl on my hands and knees and struggled to get up.

Now I can get down on my knees with ease, it's just that I can't get up!

While a youngster I played every game, anything where there was action

Mother Nature tempted me to try, and I ended up in traction!

The diapers then were mostly cloth, not like the ones today.

But cloth or mesh..what the heck, I use them anyway.

When I would cry, they'd give me milk to quench this baby's thirsting

And I will admit now that I am grown . . . I still enjoy the nursing!

Dawn Stratton ©1992