I have such lovely daughters,
  Each unique in her own way,
If asked to pick a favorite
  This is what I'd say..    

Could I pick a single flower,
  From a garden I had grown?
One single solitary bloom,
  From the seed that I have sown?

One might rise up to the sky,
  And stand out from the rest.
Another have the fragrance
  That I've always liked the best.

One might have the etchings
  Of a smile upon its face.
Another have the simple form
  Of poetry and grace

One might have the petals
  Soft as velvet kissed with dew,
And yet my choice among them all
  Might have a crimson hue.

How could I choose a favorite
  Among those I have borne?
When even from a perfect rose. . .
  You'll find a furtive thorn.

No, I'd never choose one single bloom
  To brighten up my day.
Instead I'd gather them into
  One delightful spring bouquet.

From the moment they were given me
  To nurture and to love . .
I knew a special gift was sent
  From Heaven up above

There's no such thing as loving one
   More dearly than another
I just thank God that I'm the one
   He chose to be their mother.

©Dawn Stratton  1993