Mary had a T.V. set; it helped her to survive.......
Until the clock struck six you see, when hubby did arrive.

He had a little gadget that she learned to call the "clicker"
And every time he clicked that thing, she got a little sicker!

He'd roam thru all the channels, pausing briefly now and then....
And this went on and on and on from six o'clock till ten.

Was it cops, or was it comedy...or Vanna at the wheel?
Whatever choice her hubby made, she got a dirty deal.

But Mary wasn't 'bout to take this issue lying down...
One day she up and dressed and went on into town.

When hubby used his toy that night, he went up like a ROCKET
For Mary had re-wired that thing to a live electric socket!!!

The moral of the story is: Don't give your spouse the clicker
It can only cause the two of you to argue and to bicker!

Why not play some cards, or read a book, or just go off to bed.
T.V.'s O.K,  but, oh, the things that you could do instead!

                             Dawn Stratton 1992 ©