Dearest Aunt

There's a very special someone that I love to talk about
I could in fact, do more than that, why I could almost shout
She's not my mom or sister or a friend that I call "Hon"
No, actually she's more than that, she's all of those in one

She's someone you'd be proud to know, if luck was on your side
And if some day you meet her, then you'll understand my pride
She loves me like a mother, yet she doesn't try to preach
She's as warm as any sister, and she's never out of reach

Her confidence and loyalty are much like a good friend
But family ties are closer, like the ink within a pen
I turn to her in times of woe, I turn to her in gladness
I seek her comfort any time I feel a lonesome sadness

I've searched for just the proper words to tell her how I feel
But until this very moment nothing had the right appeal
It's hard to say "I Love You", and I didn't want to rant
But there, now I have told you, my dearest precious Aunt

I wish that every one I know could have someone like you
An Aunt that shows an interest in most everything you do
Who reads your mind just like a book, from cover unto cover
And delights in your excitement of new worlds that you discover

There's little more that I could add except to say that she
Is all and more than any Aunt. . .  should ever hope to be
My fondest wish is simply this, that God will keep her strong
And keep her ever near my heart, the place where she belongs.

Dawn Stratton © 1992