If I should die tomorrow, would you marry once again?
I don't really have an answer, I guess it would depend.

And what are you depending on? I really want to know.
Sometimes I think it may be yes, yet other times it's no.

Of course you will get married, you're still young enough to wed.
I guess it would be rather nice when I climb into bed.

Suppose you did get married, would you give him all my clothes?
I doubt that he'd want all of them, maybe just the ones he chose.

And how about my Rolex and my diamond pinkie ring?
There's not much point in quibbling, dear; I'd give him everything!

Does that include my Jaguar and the cash that I've been stowing?
I guess it really does, dear. . you won't need it where you're going! !

You're not giving him my GOLF CLUBS, I simply couldn't stand it!

I wouldn't even think of it. . . besides, he is left-handed!

Dawn Stratton 1992 ©