If I should die tomorrow, would you marry once again? I don't really have an answer, I guess it would depend.

And what are you depending on? I really want to know. Sometimes I think it may be yes, yet other times it's no.

Of course you will get married, you're still a handsome man. Well, maybe I'll consider it, you seem to understand.

Tell me, if you married, would you give her all my furs? I guess I'd really have to, for then they would be hers!

And what about my jewelry, all my diamonds and my pearls? It's only simple logic that I'd give them to my girl.

I suppose that it would mean you'd give my Lincoln to her too? Of course I would, since it would be of little use to you !

You're not giving her my GOLF CLUBS, I simply couldn't stand it! No need to fret about that, love. . . the lady is left-handed!

Dawn Stratton 1992 ©